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Pinterest Review
  • Review Profile - Make sure that your account gets found with SEO friendly bios and a professional look. 
  • Review Personal Boards - Are you unsure if you're pinning the right content? We'll check it out for you and tell you what you should be focused on
  • Review Images + Make Suggestions - There's no denying that Pinterest is an image heavy platform. We'll review your pins and give you our secret sauce that we use on ALL of our popular Pins.
  • Review Group Boards - Not only will we make sure you are in the right group boards, we'll give you our list of top 30 groups within your niche that you should be in and apply to which ones you green light!
  •  Review Tailwind - With the shutdown of Board Booster, Tailwind is more important than ever for Pinterest scheduling. We'll review your Tailwind strategy and give you some tips and tricks. Don't have Tailwind? No problem! We'll dig into your pin history and show you what's working and what's not.
  •  Video with Me - I'll do a customized video just for you to explain what we discovered and how you can grow. 
  •   Discount to Perfect Pinterest Package - If after your Pinterest Review you decide that you want to continue our work together, I'll give you $30 off the Perfect Pinterest Package!
Pinterest Makeover
  • Review/Update Profile - We'll update everything in your profile to make sure that you are being found with SEO friendly keywords and a professional bio. 
  • Review/Update Personal Boards - We will setup at least 12 personal boards with 20 pins each for brand new accounts. Already have some content? We'll go through and review what you've been pinning and add some more relevant content to keep your board fresh!
  • Review Images + FREE Template - We've cracked the code on what Pinners are looking for and we want to share it with you. Ensure that your pins are consistent with a FREE template created just for your business in Canva.
  • Group Board Applications - Don't get bogged down with group board applications. We'll apply to 25 of the top group boards in your niche and throw in another 25 for you to apply to on your own!
  • Rich Pins - If you haven't gotten around to Rich Pins yet, then our resident tech expert will set them up for you.
  •  Confirmation - Make sure that Pinterest recognizes your site by getting it confirmed. We'll take care of the heavy lifting.
  •  Review Tailwind - Just like with the Pinterest Review, we will review your Tailwind account to make sure that your pinning strategy is working for you. If you aren't using Tailwind, then we'll just dig into your pin history with some tips.
  •  Promo Spreadsheet - Get one of my signature promo spreadsheets so you never have to wonder what to Pin!
  •   Setup Tailwind Tribes - Much like Group Boards, Tailwind tribes help your account grow like crazy. We'll get you setup in the best Tailwind Tribes to get your content seen. 
  •  Content Sharing - We'll setup a list of blogs that you can share quality content from that will help grow your followers. 
  •  Video with Me - I'll do a customized video just for you to explain what we discovered and how you can grow. 
  •  Discount to Perfect Pinterest Package - If after your Pinterest Makeover you decide that you want to continue our work together, I'll give you $100 off the Perfect Pinterest Package! 
Month #1: Set Up + Strategy
In stage one, we do our initial analysis and set up. We take the whole first month to lay a solid foundation for our ongoing strategy. This includes:
  • Optimizing your profile
  • ​Adding board descriptions
  • ​Tweaking your bio
  • ​Applying to group boards
Your board descriptions and bio are how people will find your content, optimization will keep them interested, and getting into the right group boards takes your reach to the next level.
Each Month Afterwards: Daily Scheduling + Management
After the first month, each additional month is all about curating and scheduling quality content for your boards. This is what will drive new leads to your website.
  • Articles are handpicked to share from your account
  • ​Tailwind is used for daily group board scheduling
  • ​Each pin's description is edited for SEO
We stick to a tested balance of promotional content vs. shared content, in order to get the most leverage out of your account and abide by group board rules. Growth tactics are also implemented on a weekly basis, such as following others from your account or commenting on other people's pins.
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